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Teaneck Community Chorus


There are few things in the world that speak to the soul so immediately and to great effect than great music. Go hear the Teaneck Community Chorus and be uplifted!

Ardie Walser

President, Teaneck Board of Education
Associate Dean Undergraduate Affairs at City College, NY

Caring people of many backgrounds joining together to lift their voices in beautiful song - the Teaneck Community Chorus exemplifies the best of Teaneck. I am proud to be a supporter and fan of the Teaneck Community Chorus!

Jackie Kates

Former Teaneck Mayor, Councilwoman Community Relations Coordinator, Holy Name Hospital

The Teaneck Community Chorus is an integral part of Teaneck's social fabric. Through the celebration of music and song the TCC provides a wide array of concerts and community events throughout the year that represent the true diversity of Teaneck. The Teaneck Teen Idol competition provides our youth the opportunity to work with industry professionals and gives students a taste of the real world recording industry. TCC enriches Teaneck and further enhances its reputation as a vital cultural center.

Jeffrey Lentz

Executive director of Teaneck International Film Festival

Teaneck International Film Festival


The Chorus was proud to have sponsored the first documentary of Maya Angelou “And Still I Rise” at the TIFF, which was shown Sunday, Nov 6, 2017.  Members of the Chorus sang “Rise Again” and “Blackbird” before the documentary.


Teaneck Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award

Teaneck Community Chorus Artistic Director, Steven Bell, was the 2014 Teaneck Chamber of Commerce Cultural Arts Honoree!  Steve was recognized for his contributions to Teaneck’s Cultural Arts arena at the Teaneck Chamber of Commerce Community Awards Dinner on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe.  Among the other honorees are two of TCC’s Advisory Board members, Loren Daniels – Educator, and Theodora Lacey – Lifetime Achievement.  TCC is very proud of Steve, Loren and Theodora and congratulates them on these prestigious awards.  Their contributions to the Teaneck community at large are deserving of these awards!